Hardened Criminals

December 22, 2006

Extra judicial killings are a plague, and I can’t decide if it’s more or less disgusting that policemen are being paid for them, but I had to point out two less serious things:

First, this is apparently the original story (from the wires, a police blotter, or an IE writer?):

“Two hardened criminals Zulfikar and Nazakat, residents of Hawalpur in Ghaziabad, were killed in an encounter at Timarpur on July 31; two country-made firearms and a stolen vehicle were recovered from their possession.”

Is that supposed to be a joke – the hardened criminal Nazakat? (Nazakat can have several connotations, but generally it means fragility, elegance, or um, ziddiness – I’ll figure the English for that last one out.) I suppose it could be some sort of ironic criminal moniker, but what I can’t stop wondering is who was the writer who decided to slip this in.

Second, while I’m linking to the Indian Express, isn’t it shameful for them to be showing ads telling me I’ve won a new laptop due to being the 1,000,000 th visitor? (Note, that’s not the 10,00,000 th visitor.)
IndianExpress.com :: Delhi cops took contract from own to kill 2 in ‘encounter’


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