TOI: Indian Government to Help Women Abroad

December 30, 2006

The Times of India is reporting that the government has come up with a scheme to help out women – both Indian citizens and women of Indian origin – divorced in the first year of marriage oversees. It’s supposed to be introduced in the Gulf, Europe, North America, and Oceania. The government will use local NGOs, providing them with up to $1000 per woman helped.

It would be hard to overestimate the necessity of such help, however, the article says nothing about whether or how the government has defined “help.” I wonder if specific goals were laid out for how the expenditure should be used. Is repatriation a priority? Counseling? Reconciliation? Job training? Housing? At what point of the divorce process would they get involved? How does the law or the administration implementing it deal with or the very different policies of these nations regarding divorce? Or for the problems facing divorced women in them?
Further, how do the various civil codes in India interact with divorces performed overseas in weddings performed in India? Of course, I’ve seen quite a few cases of such happening, but generally speaking those involved had little contact with the Indian legal system. Generally (almost universally) speaking people are concerned with the practical implications of the law in their lives, rather than what is theoretically supposed to happen. But it would be ineresting to know what the statutes have to say.
Govt to help women left in lurch abroad-India-NEWS-The Times of India


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