| Edubuntu: Linux for education

February 28, 2007 | Edubuntu: Linux for education

“When they first sit down at the computers and are confronted with an unfamiliar environment, I hear a lot of ‘Why aren’t we using Windows?’ However, after they spend some time with them, that pretty much stops. The environment becomes transparent and they can focus on what it is they’re doing, which is our objective. I’ve actually even had a few students tell me how cool they think Linux is.”

Unfortunately, the transition has not been without hurdles, as the official technical support personnel “washed their hands” of the project — a design flaw of the initiative. Better planning could have prevented this by properly educating technicians, or allocating part of the funding specifically for maintenance.

Windows XP is due to reach its end of life in two years, leaving plenty of otherwise useful computers that are incapable of running the new Vista system out in the cold. Savvy administrators are already making preparations. As the deadline looms and the restrictions enforced by Vista’s digital rights management become more apparent, an increasing number of institutions are going to see the benefits of Linux distributions such as Edubuntu.


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