Olivier Guitta: Another front on the Sunni-Shiite war – Examiner.com

March 1, 2007

Olivier Guitta: Another front on the Sunni-Shiite war – Examiner.com

Guitta writes about what has been mentioned in several places lately – an increased Shi`a missionary presence throughout the Arab world – including North Africa. He seems to include Syrian Alawites as Sunnis, but I’m assuming that’s just a slip up in phrasing. It would seem that North Africa is a popular and recurring – if surprising – target. There’s a booklet about a Tunisian who accepts an invitation from a stranger met while traveling and ends up becoming first losing his prejudices and then becoming a Shi`i. This book has been around for a while and seems to be consumed mainly by Shi`is in the same way that others read Ahmad Deedat and conversion narratives (and somehow think these are good da`wa materials.) But there doesn’t seem to be much of this extending into South Asia yet. Maybe the viable targets are those who don’t know anything abut Shi`ism.

CTB also covers al-Jazeera’s bringing Qaradawi and Rafsanjani together :


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