Where does Gartenstein-Ross look for moderate voices?

April 17, 2007

In a very reasonable op-ed piece, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross points out the need for the Counterterrorism community to let moderate Muslims hear positive feedback. And for once “moderate” actually means moderate – he specifically cites Islamica and altmuslim. He also briefly touches on how to deal with individual policy differences without throwing away cooperation altogether.
Of course, the root of much of the problem is how much weight and credence is given to absurdly imprecise labels in American politics, public discussions of religion, foreign policy, and even in the Islamic world itself. What everyone should be looking for is shared goals. And we need to understand that you can work towards a shared goal without entering into some sort of unbreakable alliance. Work together for one thing, achieve it, and be satisfied. That goes for all groupings – political, religious, social, cultural, what have you. Those who insist that two groups (or even individuals) need to merge completely are as dangerous to the greater welfare as those who insist

Finding the moderates – Editorials/Op-Ed – The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper


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