Delhi Snacks Move Up From the Street – New York Times

April 18, 2007

Not sure how many times the Times can rerun essentially the same story about street food. Anyway, it’s always fun. I think the essential rule of thumb in India (or anywhere else when dealing with the local street food) is to strike a balance between eating in the sewer and paying outrageous prices for bland imitations in five-star hotels. “Uncha makan, phika pakwan,” and all that. On the other hand, whether it’s chaat in Edison, or pizza in Delhi, the rule of thumb has to be: “Have low expectations.”
Delhi Snacks Move Up From the Street – New York Times

On the subject of street food:
As a loyal Counter Culture reader, I was both sad and glad to hear that Jonathan Gold won the Pulitzer for the same shtick as Robert Sietsema. I just wonder who stole whose title. Of course the real metric is who goes to the trouble of mentioning that the restaurant is halal more often? Who wants to run the numbers? Not that it matters – I’ve only gone to one halal restaurant in LA. It was OK. Wish I could remember the name so I could link to zabihah.


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