Guide to beating the rush for Ubuntu Feisty

April 18, 2007

Ubuntu 7.04 – the Feisty Fawn – is due to be released this week. Carthik Sharma posted this guide to how to avoid any slowdown after release by downloading now and using rsync to update your image to the final release. I suppose you can do the same if you have any of the earlier test releases.
In the comments, a number of people questioned the practicality of this suggestion – apparently rsync is resource heavy and the rsync survers can’t handle massive simultaneous connections like the regular download servers.
Others tried to come up with complicated torrent tricks – none of which seem to me like they would work – using Carthik’s method to not only get your image fast, but also start seeding the updated image as soon as possible.
One person suggested jigdo, which is in Universe. (Ubuntu wiki instructions) It looks like a very useful tool – especially for those who test releases. It breaks up the image and can download via multiple connections like bittorrent or other download utilities, but it keeps track of it in terms of files, and can download just those files which have been updated. At first I wondered if it might just be a layer over rsync, but it’s not, it uses normal http or ftp. I guess it’s still in fairly early stages of development – as there are screenshots of a GUI which does not yet exist.
I can also understand, though, the desire to have a “clean” and official download – even if that’s just a delusion. I hope everyone remembers to be nice and use the torrent to download and then seed as long as possible – after you do your install, of course.
Start Downloading Feisty Now – and Get it Faster on Release Day « Ubuntu Blog

Update: Carthik heeded the comments, and took down the original post. (Retraction). Still, the other solutions/issues remain – particularly, I guess, jigdo.


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