Tajik clothing bans

April 18, 2007

The Telegraph (UK) reports that the Tajik government has banned provocative dress in government schools, while upholding a 2005 ban on head scarves at the same time.

Abdudjabor Rakhmonov, the education minister, said: “The hijab [head scarf] is not a student’s uniform. If religion means more to you than studies, you should study at a religious school.”

Speaking to a group of students at Tajik State University, Mr Rakhmonov told young women that they should dress “in accordance with their status and national traditions”, and said they should avoid clothes that are “provocative”. He said the ministry would be distributing guidelines for a new dress code.

I assume the caption “The education minister advocates using traditional Tajik dress as a guideline for university students” under a photo of women in brightly colored dresses with their heads covered is meant to be sarcastic. (I wonder if he would consider those dresses an appropriate student uniform?)

Telegraph: Tajikistan bans miniskirts and head scarves


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