Yogi Sikand on the Sufi Shrines of Ayodhya

April 19, 2007

Pieces like this are a fairly common trope. It’s hard to know what exactly anyone is supposed to do with the information contained in them. Somehow, any mention of what seems like an incongruent or surprising contact between Hinduism and Islam is supposed to be an indictment of Hindutva and Islamic Fundamentalism. The same is done with Africa, Andalusia, Anatolia, and so on. I wish someone would be a little more diligent in investing some meaning to all of this for the modern world. I’ve generally been mildly critical of Sikand in the past, but this is really one of the better pieces of its genre. It’s still missing that crucial undeveloped component I’m talking about, but it’s a nice read
LEADER ARTICLE: In The Name Of Faith-Editorial-OPINION-The Times of India


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