May 8, 2007

WikipediaFS uses any MediaWiki site as a mountable file system. As the Hackszine article suggests this would be a good way to manage your own MediaWiki based site. As someone who often uses w3m for reading Wikipedia, I can imagine using cat or less or most being a nice plus – though I guess you lose the benefits of that whole hypertext thing.

It uses fuse, of course. Woohoo. It relies on the python-fuse bindings, but doesn’t work with the development version. The site has a source package, apparently from Debian. It seems to be the same version (2.5.4) as in Ubuntu Edgy – but don’t quote me on that.

I would be somewhat anxious about the end results of using this to edit a wiki – would want to keep an eye out for random-seeming crud or formatting issues. But it’s a great idea, and I think it looks like a great jumping point for further uses of the mighty fuse.

Links: Home page, Sourceforge, Subversion.
Found via Hackszine.


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