Alice Cooper on Fresh Air

May 17, 2007

I really wasn’t looking forward to Alice Cooper on Fresh Air today. I really can’t stand – never could – Alice Cooper musically. But right as I turned it on he was discussing Groucho Marx bringing Jack Benny and George Burns to come see him. It was pretty interesting.

Speaking of Rock and Roll, am I wrong or was Charlie wearing a Judge shirt on Lost last night. So here’s the new theory: he island is Manhattan, their encampment is LES, and Ben is leading the Wolfpack down from Boston, and next week they’re gonna meet at 7 and A? Maybe not.

Speaking of NPR, I can’t believe they’re giving traction to the absurdly un-fresh Fortune article about Microsoft’s patent claims. Roger Parloff says something to the effect of “The people who write free software don’t believe in patents.” Yes, there is a strong overlap between the effort to get rid of software patents and the free software movement, but an irresponsible statement like that makes it sound like the free software community is nothing but a bunch of pirates purposely seeking to infringe (which I’m afraid is an image many people may I already have – and which couldn’t be further from the truth.)

The patent part was pretty funny though. Lots of room to guess at what they’re implying: they make he patent system appear absurd, while letting the guy in charge of it announce the need for 1000 more examiners at salaries of $80k+.


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