Memorial Day Techfun

May 23, 2007

In addition to remembering the fallen, this weekend may be – should be – the time when I finally get around to doing two things:

  1. Install Feisty
  2. I’ve been putting it off because I couldn’t afford the downtime. Not that I expect any problems, but it does take time to get everything set up to my liking. Also, I’ll probably install the GNOME version and play around this weekend, then go back to Xubuntu before settling in.

  3. Play around with Hackety Hack

  4. As I may have mentioned ad nauseam here and elsewhere, we got a Commodore PET shortly after I was born. I remember hours and hours of writing BASIC games and silly music synthesizing on a succession of Commodores at home and school. When I was in Kindergarten, my mother installed the first computer lab at my school, and I helped teach the teachers on LOGO. Oh I loved that turtle.
    Last year I tried to start my son on KTurtle. The main problem was he wasn’t reading yet, so typing out the commands was pretty tedious. I’ve been gearing up to try again once school’s out. But the other problem is that that turtle’s not so exciting anymore.
    I’ve also been thinking about doing some sort of class at his school using Chris Pine’s book, Squeak/etoys, or both. Perhaps as a way to pay back a little of my mother’s contribution. (My own first elementary school could also use some help – it was reborn as a charter school after being destroyed by Katrina.)
    When I saw Hackety Hack – and the manifestos behind it – I realized it was built by better builders on the the same ground as my own aspirations. So I’m very excited.


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