Direct upgrading to Feisty

May 29, 2007

Up until Dapper I was using the change your sources.list and dist-upgrade to new version method. Then I left most machines running Dapper, and did a clean install (well lots of different clean installs) on my “testing” machine, mainly to clean up all those things you’re likely to screw up on a “testing” machine. I assumed I’d do the same thing this weekend. Especially as I thought there were some obstacles to this as a way to get Feisty. I was interested when I saw this description last week of how to do it: there’s an update manager which takes care of it. I figured I’d post i as a curiosity and leave it at that. But then I couldn’t burn any CDs. I don’t know why. Anyway I’m about to go through with the direct upgrade method – if only until I get the CD burner working. Pray for me.

UPDATE: do-release upgrade gave me this:
Checking for a new ubuntu release
current dist not found in meta-release file
No new release found

Anyway, I installed k3b and it worked perfectly where xfburn was failing me.


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