Twitter/Jaiku Market Penetration Survey

May 31, 2007

Based on a completely unscientific poll of one class each of 9th and 10th graders:

Percent who have MySpace pages:
9th Graders: 49%
10h Graders: 54%

Percent who have heard of Twitter or Jaiku, (and Joost due to a confused questioner):
9th Graders: 0%
10th Graders: 0%

Note that nearly all of these kids are experts at texting and IM and that Twitter would be a perfect fit for them.


2 Responses to “Twitter/Jaiku Market Penetration Survey”

  1. Neil Vineberg Says:

    So what does that tell you? It tells me there is a huge opportunity.

  2. AG Says:

    @Neil: There were basically two sides to my interest. The first was a bit of reality check as to the fact that the ‘topic of the moment’ for a tiny section of the population was still non-existent as far as the world at large is concerned.
    The second is what you’re pointing out, although I had a more negative spin on it. Teenagers are exactly the perfect market for Twitter. But the service is having trouble handling a few geeks. And as the tech problems are fixed and the buzz spreads (it’s just starting to hit the general tech press, e.g. CNET), we’re going to see:
    1) The people now using it will deride or despise it or both.
    2) As teens start using it, it will become a headache for parents, schools, and so on. Their headache will be exaggerated out of all proportion into a national crisis.
    3) The basic function it serves will be taken over by the big providers – either from the web side or the mobile side, and will become a common and expected feature of service. Parents and schools will start using it for their own purposes, and some idiot or idiots will make absurd claims of having invented it.

    Either that or it will all be forgotten by Feb. 2008.

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