Two important steps for running OpenBSD under Qemu

June 10, 2007

The most important thing to know about OpenBSD and Qemu which you probably won’t find out until after you run into a problem is that OpenBSD hates kqemu. So, if you have kqemu installed, you need to run qemu with the -no-kqemu option. Otherwise the installer will just hang with no evident reason why.

The second thing you really should know is that the proper command for testing a default OpenBSD install is

$ mille

Mille Bornes in OpenBSD under Qemu

$ wump also works, so long as you’re not afraid of a little *whoosh*.

(I presume that decades from now, when someone googles that whole OpenBSD install hangs in Qemu thing and ends up here, they don’t actually take my second point seriously. I grew up on – CP/M-based – Wumpus-hunting and – Parker Bros. – Mille Bornes. bsdgames is a package dear to my heart.)


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