Joomla! GPL Decision

June 15, 2007

The Joomla! bosses finally announced the anticipated and much discussed decision to – is this the right word? – recommit the project to the true spirit of the GPL.

Read: “Open Source Does Matter …”

The statement makes it clear that they don’t intend to go about enforcing the license terms – the main effect is to warn developers of the shaky ground their on. I guess. They specifically exclude the CSS and JavaScript in templates. I can only assume that they meant to exclude the HTML/php itself from this exclusion. Of course, if you’ve ever written or edited a Joomla! template, it should be obvious that the body of the template is far more of a derivative work than your average extension, which often makes itself available to Joomla! rather than vice-versa. But no one ever distributes just the CSS and JavaScript and tells the user to enter the links into the head of their Joomla! files. It seems to me that the mess is more tangled than this statement acknowledges. Presumably it should be FSF lawyers who can tell us what the GPL really means, and then the community can decide how to fix it.

This comment has links for available downloads of two guides to Open Source Licensing for those who want to drown further in all of this.


One Response to “Joomla! GPL Decision”

  1. Dead Krolik Says:

    Mmm. I think it’s bad decision. I think that commercial components must be for Joomla.

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