Sat channels to block “black magic”

June 23, 2007

Asharq Alawsat: Channels Under Fire for Promoting Black Magic

The popularity of charlatanism and magic has increased amongst Arab satellite channels, which, in turn, has led to an increase in the number of charlatans. These individuals aim to give off an image of a pious sheikh who can solve individual problems. There are others who have a strong sense of persuasion that has been learnt throughout many years of experience. His/her viewers feel compelled to watch and listen as if they have hypnotized the words and become convinced of his/her abilities to solve their problems.

The odd syntax of that paragraph aside, I’m guessing there is something behind it. We don’t have satellite, but there’s definitely been an increase in – for lack of a better word – commercial black magic in South Asia and the South Asian “diaspora”. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some corresponding effect in the Arab world. (I’m sure the South Asians, on the other hand, would be shocked to hear it.)


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