At long last

July 4, 2007

In the news today, two stories which have been in the works.

  1. The Pakistani authorities finally moved against the khariji Lal Masjid
  2. The US finally signed an agreement with the AP government to get started on a consulate in Hyderabad.

No time for links or analysis right now. In case you don’t know, the consulate will initially be in the Paigah Palace in Begumpet. (How clear is that title?) Then they will move out to a big campus in Gachibowli – making it officially the biggest pain to get to of any US Consulate in India. (Well, I guess once the whole city is one big ring road surrounding the world’s tallest residential complex, it won’t matter.)

Oh, and, uh, GPLv.3 is out – still waiting for some exciting analysis on the final product.
And it’s the Fourth. The Nation – or one of their blogs – had a piece on the history of patriotism, which is interesting for perspective, although they leave out that whole point about ‘the Left’ not really being something recognizably continuous from one generation to the next. And PA fireworks sellers are creepy. And I finally watched one of the debates, only to make tauba. I don’t get the point when there’s this many people. At one point they had 30 seconds to respond. At least they can’t claim to have been quoted out of context. There is no context, only soundbite.

And, I guess that’s it for now. I will get back to this eventually.


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