Cross-dressing maulvis on the run

July 4, 2007

Cleric, Hundreds of Students Flee Pakistani Mosque –

The cleric at the heart of a months-long standoff between the Pakistani government and a radical mosque here was arrested Wednesday as he attempted to flee the mosque disguised in a burqa, government officials said.

Wal-Hamdulillah, this is a fitting end to those who call themselves arbiters of the sharia but break the letter and spirit of the sharia at every turn – ordering suicides, cursing their own Muslim rulers and countrymen, teaching boys and girls to conduct kidnappings and assaults on private citizens and foreigners with none of the due process guaranteed by the nation’s legal system and by Islam itself. These people have nothing to do with the deen of Allah and His Beloved Messenger (`alaihis-salat was-salam.) Allah, give the authorities the courage to go after the entire infrastructure which supports these cowards, and end the decades of pandering to them by successive Pakistani governments. The people of Ahl-e Sunnat need to turn out in the streets to show their support for the governments action, and fill the air with calls of isti`anat and tawassul.


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