Mr. Cheney’s Minority Report – New York Times

July 9, 2007

Mr. Cheney’s Minority Report – New York Times

The Times brings our attention to a formative paper which Cheney himself recommends for understanding his political philosophy. My personal political instinct is probably very much in line with the theory of strong executive power laid out by Cheney and friends. But I, and so many others, are disgusted by the assumption of the power to act as if that was the national consensus or the established intent of the Constitution. This is made exponentially worse by the practice of subterfuge and deception – as the latter is an implicit admission of having knowingly violated the expectations of the American public and legal system. It was as true of Oliver North, Iran and Nicaraugua as it is of the Vice President, Iraq, the War on Terror, and domestic policy today. It is not heroic or manly and has nothing to do with freedom, democracy, or liberty. It is shameful (or shameless) self-aggrandizement and power grabbing at the cost of America’s security, reputation, and welfare, and of Americans’ rights and freedoms.


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