Cole on Obama (who appears to be on something quite strong)

August 4, 2007

Prof. Cole said all that needs to be said about the Democratic absurdity of the moment.

The governor of Baluchistan province, Owais Ahmed Ghani, said that Obama’s remarks hindered the war on terror. Ghani pointed out that Pakistani troops are the ones doing the hard fighting against extremists in the north (Pakistan has captured over 700 al-Qaeda operatives, more than any other US ally). Dawn writes, ‘The governor said the Pakistanis watched their soldiers being killed in the fight against militants, and they say “if that is the sort of signal that is coming out of Washington, why bother? . . Nothing must be said or done which will undermine the vital public support that Pakistan needs, the world needs.”

Meanwhile, the pathetic last ditch shot at notoriety of Mr. Tancredo seems to have gotten little traction here, but it was on the front page of Siasat, and I can assume most newspapers of the Islamic world. Presumably that will bring it back into the spotlight here. Great. (/me contemplates whether it’s worth it to discuss the pointless-in-every-way-ness of this recycled Coulterism, and decides against it.)

Why do the candidates still insist on assuming that the only way to get the electorate’s attention and support on the war on terror (or any other topic) is to speak like a blathering idiot. I refuse to believe that it’s because they are blathering idiots.

On the other hand, maybe this is a good sign. During the 2000 campaign, Bush spoke about avoiding foreign entanglements. So maybe when Obama, Clinton, and Tancredo suggest nuking our allies, we’re entering a new era of peace and sensibility where we actually focus on defending our country and developing an actual intelligence apparatus capable of going after terrorist organizations rather than building enmity and squandering our national wealth and good name in amateurish pursuits of personal vendettas and domestic power grabs.

Oh, wait, scratch that. What Bush actually promised to avoid was “nation building.” And he certainly stuck to his word there. Not only did he not build any, he demolished a few for good measure.


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