Schools electrocute, beat kids and don’t repent – Yahoo! India News

August 4, 2007

Why – and how – is a Kakinada elementary school even equipped to shock people?

Shirisha, a Class III student of the Good Shepherd International High School in Tuni in East Godavari, has scars on her hands and feet after her teacher gave her electric shocks.

Shirisha, 10, is traumatised and has stopped attending school. “ I am still scared,” she says.

The authorities at Shirisha’s school though are unrepentant and think they’ve done anything wrong. Principal Krishan Rao said the punishment was meant to “improve” Shirisha.

“We just did it to help the student improve. The electric shock was not given with any wrong intention,” he said.

Ranganath, the Additional Superintendent of Police in East Godavri, told CNN-IBN a complaint has been registered against Krishan.

Ranganath told CNN-IBN over phone there are allegations that Krishan harassed students and had made them clean toilets and sweep floors. Students complained against him a month ago but their parents convinced them to return to classes.

Two Class IV students ran away from the school on July 30. Parents then complained against the school to the Superintendent of Police in Kakinada. Police registered a complaint against Krishan after tracing the missing children. Krishan is on the run and police expect to arrest him in a day or two, said Ranganath.

Schools electrocute, beat kids and don’t repent – Yahoo! India News


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