A little REST and Relaxation – Roy Fielding

September 18, 2007

This is a presentation by Roy Fielding on REST from a historical perspective. It’s offered up in a pretty nifty – and fairly non-usable (not unusable) – interface. The audio is also awful. i know that doesn’t sind like an endorsement. Here’s the outline, which might sell you more:
1. Welcome
2. Picture
3. Agenda
4. World Wide Web circa 1993-94
5. The Problem (circa 1994)
6. The Solution: Software Architecture Research
7. The Web, as Implementation
8. The Web, as Architecture
9. The Web, as Architectural Style
10. Representational State Transfer
11. REST Constraints
12. REST Rationale
13. Industry Practice
14. Industry Reaction?
15. Industry Realization
16. Relaxation
17. Example 1: Relax uniform interface constraint
18. Example 2: Relax client/server constraint
19. Conclusion


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