The Smalltalk for those who can type

September 23, 2007

GNU Smalltalk – which bills itself as “the Smalltalk for those who can type” – has a new website, including wiki. There’s not a lot of content up yet, hopefully it will grow fast. Why GNU Smalltalk? The FAQ says:

Compared to other Smalltalk implementations, GNU Smalltalk is very different in one aspect: it is pragmatically designed to be a tool rather than an environment. It complements other tools that you use in your daily work, without any pretense of completely replacing them. This also provides a smoother learning curve for people who know other scripting languages such as Python or Ruby.

Debian (at least Sarge on) and Ubuntu (at least Dapper on) have gnu-smalltalk and gnu-smalltalk-doc packages in the repositories. Sid and Gutsy (appologies to Miss Spungen) also have gnu-smalltalk-el packages with an Emacs major mode for your coding pleasure.
[via On Smalltalk]


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