10 Rocking Features in 10 Days: Better Firefox plugins and Gnash | The Fridge

October 17, 2007

10 Rocking Features in 10 Days: Better Firefox plugins and Gnash | The Fridge

Both of these leave me feeling ambivalent, the first more than the second. Firefox is one of those high-use applications I prefer to keep out of Debian/Ubuntu/Apt’s control. Even if it the base software is installed with apt, I’ve never had the sort of problem that would make me want to use apt to install “AddOns.” And I’d be a little wary of the speed of those maintainers responsible for repackaging the plugins. (See VLC in Feisty, or even Flash itself this summer, though the maintainers were not really at fault there.)
I get the wisdom of the distro/package manager bending file placement to its will, but I’m wary of any messing around with the UI. This would also mess up the portability of profiles. If the interface they’re showing is a plugin which is going to be installed by default, then at the very least that would become pollution in my FEBE. If it’s something more, then who knows what it will break.

As for Gnash, I would love for it to be usable, and our poster here says it has reached the milestone of playing YouTube. But YouTube is only one of many applications, and it changes the structure of its pages every few months (as anyone using youtube-dl might know.) Gnash in itself has worked quite well for a long time, but (as with Konqueror/Opera) if sites don’t recognize it, what use is it?


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