Xubuntu Gutsy status – Marching up and down the square

October 18, 2007

I haven’t gotten around to testing any flavor of Gutsy yet, but this is an interesting writeup of the latest changes in the Xubuntu project. Some highlights:

Our original rules for no libgnome-using apps were meant to keep the distro light. The hope held two years ago that viable GTK-only alternatives for Ubuntu apps would emerge and mature faded. Projects under the Xfce umbrella and to a certain extent Xfce itself are stagnating or moving very slowly, so we had to eventually pick the less lightweight apps because they were more user friendly and less buggy.

Regarding installation from liveCD, during the past cycles that become impossible on machines with less than 192M RAM. The new hidden, not in the boot menu “only-ubiquity” kernel parameter on the Ubuntu liveCDs may help, since it does not start a full desktop opnly the installer.

Marching up and down the square: Xubuntu Gutsy status


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