Salon on Rudy’s non-role in NYC crime reduction

November 16, 2007

Rudy Giuliani, New York City, crime |
At this point in history it may be impossible for the press to spend too many words describing (exposing) Giuliani’s habit for twisting facts, boasting about things he never did and experiences he never had, flip-flopping on issues with a regularity possible only for someone with a complete lack of conviction about anything except his own importance, his complete and utter lack of a moral compass of any sort, and the fact that he constantly surrounds himself with people who share all of his flaws plus lack the common sense to avoid blatant corruption and business ties with known criminals. I am in shock that the rest of the country seems to be taking him seriously. This man will drive the country into the ground just to have his picture in the paper with the word “President” underneath it.

UPDATE: One more.


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