Heroku – Wow, I guess (plus, more qurma!)

February 14, 2008

I just finished – well, interrupted – my first session with Heroku – the all-in-your-browser Rails app development and deployment app. I don’t think there’s anyone who would not respond to the fact of it’s implementation as pretty neat. And I think pretty much everyone would have a whole bunch of “But, what about…?”s. I’m definitely going to have to poke about the mailing list a bit (seeing as there doesn’t seem to be much documentation otherwise. I mean, the usage is pretty straightforward – you’ve got a code browser/editor, a console, a database-management tool, and one-click generators, and the app is online (meaning web accessible!) from the moment you create it. But what’s going on back there? What about when I want to move the app somewhere else? What about all the hidden traps and pitfalls? We’ll see…

Note of Excitement: The only two search queries which have brought people here since the move have been about qorma/qurma/korma/khorma! The way to a user’s heart really is through the stomach. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have stayed. But I am #1 for “qurma definition!” At least I can check that off of my life goals checklist. And I think I know how to celebrate. I also think I forgot to mention the Persian ghormeh which is just the same word. Ah, qaf, what a great letter. Does anyone actually pronounce it as qaf? Let’s look at the letters it’s commonly assimilated to, and by whom:

Ghain: Persians, maybe Afghans too?

Kha: Hyderabadis!

Kaf: Turks, most South Asians (some to the aspirated k.)

Gaf: Yemenis, Gulfis (Yeah, I know they don’t have gaf, but you understand me.)

Hamza: Egyptians

Fa: Well, the Maghribis write it as fa’ IIRC, so I guess we can include that.

Anyone know any others?

And yes, a more sensible writer would have made those two separate posts.

But now I have an idea for an app to test Heroku with…


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