Wired: “American Consumers Not As Enlightened As You Think” – At least not the 130 who took this poll.

March 17, 2008

Forty percent of respondents said features like iPod connectivity and GPS navigation were a factor in choosing a car and 16 percent said it was a “significant ” factor.

That can’t be right. Either of those things are simple and (relatively) inexpensive add-ons.

And 12 percent said high-tech features like Ford s Sync are more important than the price performance cargo room and fuel economy combined.

**Chough**Choke** What?

So what are the hot technologies people want to see? Photochromic glass that gets darker as the light gets brighter was by far the hottest tech.

So many old ladies vindicated. Until we start having a rash of parking lot pileups as the glass takes a minute or more to adjust.

Just 130 people responded to the online poll so it can hardly be called scientific.

Ah, now I get it. Forget science, 130 people in an online poll at a random car site can’t even be called anecdotal.

Ford’s sold twice as many cars with Sync as without…


And now for the scariest part:

Microsoft is the company they’d most like to see co-design a car…

Notice that’s co-design the car, not the gadgets. And you thought a BSOD when your desktop crashes was bad.

American Consumers Not As Enlightened As You Think


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