Hasrat on Mawdudi and Azad

March 31, 2008

Professor Abdus Sattar Khan Sahib quoted Bahr al-`ulum Maulana Abdul Qadeer ‘Hasrat‘ Siddiqui to the effect that Azad was a pomegranate which grew overripe and rotted, and Mawdudi a pomegranate picked too early which always remained unripe. Discuss.


2 Responses to “Hasrat on Mawdudi and Azad”

  1. hazrat hasrat is true since maulana azad joined politics which i think is not a good place for any pious muslim , maulana maududi was a student of hazrat hasrat and he left for punjab even before he completed his ‘taleem’, and started a revolutionary movement of jamaat-e-islami.

  2. Ali Qadri Qadeeri Says:

    You may be wondering why hazrat hasrat said this, there are a fe reasons for it, maulana azad had joined politics which he shouldnt have done, the reason is man becomes power hungry. secondly it is reported that maulana azad was impressed by qadianism, later he did tauba for it, maybe that was after hazrat hasrat’s death.
    maulana maududi was hazrat hasrat’s student for a while when he lived in hyderabad, before leaving for punjab he met hazrat hasrat, hazrat said that ” punjab ki sarzameen nubuwwat ke liye zarkhez hai, bawa (son in hyderabadi) kuch bhi karo magar nubuwwat ka dawa mat karo” when he reached punjab he declared himself a mujaddid, which he shouldnt have done, that is the reason why hazrat hasrat said like that.
    i am the great grandson of hazrat abdul qadeer siddiqui hasrat that is why i know the complete story of why hazrat said like that.

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