Happy We’re All Fools Day!

April 1, 2008

The Cato Institute’s Ilya Shapiro (profile, blog, interesting article)- himself an H1-B holder – writes in NRO (and several other places) about the ongoing disaster that is the H1-B program. As if they had teamed up with the IRS to launch an annual April DOS attack on the federal infrastructure, USCIS has made today the day they bury themselves in three times as many requests for H1s as they intend to issue. Note that these are not (at least not on the surface) the desperate attempts of the modern teaming masses to land a golden ticket. H1-B applications are filed by employers who (ostensibly) have [skilled] jobs they are not able to fill from the US labor pool. The system is so screwed up that it simultaneously hurts US workers, potential and actual H1 holders, employers, US politicians, and the economies, educational systems, and societies of the US and the countries which send us their educated workers to fill the H1 quotas. Any potential reform is cut off by the complicated and conflicting interests of all stakeholders. The only people who benefit are immigration lawyers. And even they would probably complain about it.


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