Pajamas Media » McCain Travels the World — and Impresses

April 2, 2008

Pajamas Media » McCain Travels the World — and Impresses

Rather than confirm to the world that he is the scary right-winger many of them envisioned, McCain instead reassured his hosts that his presidency would be markedly different than the current one.

TNR’s James Kirchik goes on to dismiss the effect many expect Obama’s “face” (Andrew Sullivan’s term) will have on world opinion and to point out some good and bad news about anti-American sentiment worldwide:

The truth is that much of contemporary anti-Americanism is a manifestation of disgust with George W. Bush as an individual and will immediately dissipate as soon as a new president — Democrat or Republican — enters the Oval Office in 2009. Yet also keep in mind that a similar degree of anti-American sentiment is inherent and may take a generation to disappear.

Aside from the war’s very existence, Kirchik points out, McCain differentiated himself clearly from the Bush administration on those issues which had the ugliest effects on our worldwide reputation. This – and his critical stance from the beginning regarding the actual conduct of the war – is also why many in the US who oppose the war themselves are willing to give their vote to the supposedly most pro-war candidate.


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