Dimdim to go public tomorrow

April 9, 2008

Dimdim is scheduled to open up their free hosted service tomorrow. Dimdim is a web conferencing tool which features video and text chat, desktop sharing, Powerpoint presentation sharing, and quite a bit more. They offer an Open Source (GPL) version (download it here – it’s a mix of Java, C++, and Flash front end code) for those who want to self-host, as well as the hosted service, based on EC2. The hosted version has free, pro, and enterprise editions. Even the free version is incredibly feature rich. Dimdim integrates with various other tools, including Moodle, SugarCRM, and – I believe – Outlook and other address book applications.
I’ve been sticking to Wengo Meeting, which does not have as many features, but which is more straightforward. Neither requires attendees to register for or install anything. Wengo, though, treats all attendees as equal, whereas Dimdim allows only the Presenter to share video and desktop, and only the Presenter and three attendees to use audio. Wengo only allows five users, all of whom have video and audio, and none of whom can share desktops or anything else, and there is no chat.
There are a ton of these web meeting applications coming along these days. I’ve tried out quite a few of them, and these two really stand out. One I’ve been meaning to try is Yugma. The problem with lots of new and ever changing tools is user burnout, so I look forward into settling into one simple and straightforward but powerful tool someday.


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