Blatant abuse

April 18, 2008

New developments in two ongoing cases of the sort of apparent corruption where you can’t help but ask yourself “Can people really be that stupid?” Or at least, “Do they really think we’re that stupid?”:

  1. Sinclair’s Syndrome: Rob Weir breaks down the numbers on the size of Fast Track specification submissions, in response to a patently misleading claim in an ISO FAQ. The short version:

    So where did things stand on the eve of Microsoft’s submission of OOXML to Ecma?
    At that point there had been 187 JTC1 Fast Tracks from Ecma since 1991, with basic descriptive statistics as follows:

    • mean = 103 pages
    • median = 82 pages
    • min = 12 pages
    • max = 767 pages
    • standard deviation = 102 pages

    And what about OOXML, you ask? 6045 pages!

  2. Congress May Seek Criminal Probe of Altered Earmark: Senate leaders from both parties are throwing their support behind a criminal investigation of the actions of Rep. Don Young of Alaska and his staff. Young’s staff inserted a provision for a $10 million highway project in Florida which local officials didn’t even want. Young then received $40,000 in donations from developers set to benefit from the project – obviously demonstrating the average Floridian’s passionate concern for the welfare of the state of Alaska.

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