Hardy Mubarak

April 24, 2008

Ubuntu’s latest release – 8.04, codenamed Hardy Heron, has been officially released. One nice touch I hadn’t noticed before today is that the download page now includes a checkbox for the alternate install CD – which includes the traditional “text-based” installer, and which is friendlier to those machines on which using the LiveCD is like swimming through mud. It would be nice if they also included a checkbox for choosing the torrent file rather than the http download. (And options for Kubuntu, Xubuntu, et al. or at least links to their homepages.)

Hardy’s LiveCD includes the Wubi installer, which makes it easy to install Ubuntu as an application (a rather large application) within Windows. It also includes a tool for easily configuring the Windows bootloader to boot from CD, so as to try out the LiveCD environment. (And by LiveCD – in case it’s not clear – we mean a CD which runs Ubuntu entirely from RAM and the CD without affecting your hard drive at all unless you decide to install to disk.) With each release there’s less and less excuse for not trying it out. (And if even downloading and burning a CD is too much for you – they’ll still send you some for free.)

If the download interface is down, try the release page, or the mirrors list. Best of all – get the torrent from one of these links, so that the more people download, the faster it gets, rather than just overloading the download servers.

Hardy is the newest Long Term Support release, replacing the two year old Dapper. If you have an old Dapper machine you need to upgrade in one step to Hardy, check out this tutorial.


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