US ambassador launches Apple Computers store in Lahore

May 2, 2008

US ambassador launches Apple Computers store in Lahore

Somewhat ironic considering the following absurd chain mail I received last year:

Subject: Construction of Bar in New York similar to Kaabatullah
In the Downtown Manhetten of the New York City in the USA a bar has been constructed under the name of APPLE MECCA, which will serve 24 hours wine and other alcoholic drinks (see pictures below). The Muslims of the United States of America are enough embrassed by this construction and their inconspecous presence in the country is trying to bring down this construction, the Muslims are also appealing US government for not allowing to inaugurate this bar.

In the business area of MID TOWN Manhatten in New York a new BAR is opened in the name of APPLE MECCA which is familiar to KAABA MACCA .This bar will be used supply of VINE and Drinks. The Muslims of New York are pressurizing Govt of USA to not open this BAR.

Please do Forward this mail to as many people as you can. Thanks!

(Original colors and fonts – yes, plural – not reproduced for the safety of reader sensibilities.) That’s probably the only time I’ve ever actually mailed every address (about 50) in the headers of a forwarded email to scold people for believing and spreading absurd rumors. It got me two sincere thank yous. One of those was from the original sender, who apologized, and rewarded me by adding me to his address book. I repaid the favor by creating a special Gmail filter just for him.

UPDATE (3/1/2010): Nearly two years on and I still get a steady stream of hate filled comments from fellow Muslims condemning myself and all America for mocking the Holy Ka`aba. La hawla wa la quwwata illa biLlah! It is as if you are incapable of actually reading. The whole point of the post is that Muslims are destroying our own good deeds and calling down misfortune upon our own heads everyday on the internet, in email chains, in our news media, in our parliaments, and worst of all even from our minbars because we are incapable of heeding the clear warning of the Best of Creation (salawat Allah wa salamuh `alaih wa `ala Alih wa ashabih ajma`in): “It is sufficient lying for a man to convey everything he hears.” (Muslim)

Let me spell it out clearer:

  • I am a Muslim, and would be the first to defend the honor and dignity of sha`air Allah.
  • The email is nothing but lies:
    • It shows the NYC Apple store under construction with a black tarp. The actual building is glass and bears no resemblance to the Ka`aba Musharrafa.
    • It is not known as “Apple Mecca.”
    • It sells computers and not alcohol.
    • There are no legal 24-hour alcohol-serving establishments in New York.
  • Tale-bearing, rumor mongering, and slander are amongst the worst of the kaba’ir – condemned repeatedly in Qur’an and hadith. They are not only a sin which will be punished, but also include a violation of huquq al-`ibad which can result in your own good deeds being given to the offended party on Qiyama, and their bad deeds piled on your back. The casual nature of rumor mongering amongst Muslims today is horrifying. It is incumbent upon each of us to reflect on this and to take a proactive stance against this in our society.
  • May Allah guide and forgive us all.

2 Responses to “US ambassador launches Apple Computers store in Lahore”

  1. hatouya Says:

    !!!sorry for english mistake!!!
    please, verifie your source before writing; this is not a wine bar, this is a apple product store ->

    see here for more info :

    PS: in many languages, the word MEKKA is refering a place where many people meat or go.

    • iqag Says:

      Sorry, I guess my language in the last paragraph wasn’t clear enough. I’m aware that the Apple Store is not a bar, and I actually emailed a few dozen people to correct the (ludicrously) false rumor. The originator of the email (whom I don’t know at all) apologized for the slander, but then proceeded to send me more ridiculous mails on a daily basis. Thank you for your diligence though.

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