Hunzakuts Rejoice!

May 5, 2008

The Unicoders are looking out for you. You even got first mention in “Other Changes,” and all sorts of excitement around your BAREE YEH. (I had to emulate the caps thing, but YEH BAREE is just too weird, even for me.)

Of more general interest (if you can call it that:)

Chapter 8: Middle Eastern Scripts

A number of Arabic character were added in Version 5.1 in support of minority languages, four Quranic Arabic characters were added, and the Arabic math repertoire was greatly extended. Sixteen characters were added in support of the Khowar, Torwali, and Burushaski languages spoken primarily in Pakistan, and a set of eight Arabic characters were added in support of Persian and Azerbaijani. The 27 newly added Arabic math characters include arrows, mathematical operators and letterlike symbols.

Chapter 9: South Asian Scripts-I

A number of useful characters were added to Indic scripts. The Devanagari candra-a, Gurmukhi udaat and yakash, and additional Oriya, Tamil, and Telugu characters were added. These new characters expand the support of Sanskrit in those scripts, further the support of minority languages, and encode old fraction and number systems.

Burushaski speakers celebrating the release of v. 5.1.0 of the Unicode Standard.

(There are some amazing pictures in this CC-licensed photo set by Janice Lane. Some of them would have made for much better jokes, but it’s not nice to make fun of people. And I really wanted to use this incredible photo, but I try to be a copyright goody-two-shoes, and I’m too lazy to write. And seriously, Hunza is a beautiful place, and if anyone wants to teach me Burushaski, I’m ready. And thanks to Unicode we’ll be able to do it over email or IM.)


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