Adding Eterm backgrounds

January 2, 2009

Random Eterm BackgroundsThis is one of those “I know I’ve bashed my head over this before and Googling doesn’t necessarily get you to the right place but reading the docs or running the right command with –help would fix the problem right away” type posts.

Assuming you want new backgrounds available to all of a systems users, put the images in tile/ and scale/ respectively under /usr/share/Eterm/pix (on Debian and probably most systems). Then run (as root or with sudo) “Etbg_update_list” – and here’s the “i’m such an idiot that I couldn’t figure this out part” – with the full path to pix/ (or run it from within pix/ since it defaults to the current working directory.) Then you can partake of the full hideous beauty which is random Eterm backgrounds.


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