These days I work (mostly) as a mostly-PHP developer, and a mostly-Urdu-to-English translator. At some point I was a PhD student in Islamic History. I’ve also worked as a teacher in the US and abroad, as a taxi driver, as a barista, in warehouses, in educational administration, and as a khatib. I’m also a Linux and OpenBSD user, stay-at-home dad, public radio junkie, and on-again-off-again student of the ‘ulum-e diniyya. I’ve lived in the US, India, and the Maldives (not in a resort.)

I mostly write about subjects related to these aspects of my biography, which is why I listed them here. Sometimes I may seem to write about other stuff. It would probably be more useful to you if I broke this up into separate blogs, but sometimes I manage to paralyze myself with categorization schemes, so the ability to have buzzword-compatible “tags” (a.k.a. multiple categories) is one of the most beautiful accomplishments of human art as far as I’m concerned. (SLIGHT UPDATE: Technically I’m using WP’s categories, not tags. But since it lets you use multiple categories…)

By the way, I’m Alex, you can reach me at

(And if you’ve ever known me, chances are I’ve done something to you for which I owe an apology. Please forgive me.)

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