The Dawat-e Islami IT team has done something incredible in putting together their Fatawa Rizwiyya Sharif application. Unfortunately, this team seems to be an all Microsoft shop. We’ll make dua for them on that.

Meanwhile, there seems to have been a slight oversight in releasing the software. Insha’ Allah we can get them to devote a few minutes of tawajjuh to this and rebuild the executable they distribute.

The problem is this: the app depends on [something related to] the Jet DB Engine, which is not only deprecated, but does not run natively under 64 bit versions of Windows. This does not mean that the software cannot run under 64-bit OSes, but rather the OS needs to know to run it app as a 32-bit app. Unfortunately Visual Studio compiles apps by default as platform agnostic, and 64-bit users receive an error. IIRC the error is something like “Microsoft.Jet.OleDb.4.0 provider is not registered on the local machine.”

While we wait for a fixed version, there is a fix you can perform locally. To change the 32-bit execution flag, just run:

CoreFlags.exe FatawaeRazaviya.exe /32BIT+

(Determining the full path for each of these executables is left as an exercise for the reader.)

CoreFlags is a part of the .NET SDK. If this is not already installed, download the latest version of the installer. (You can use the “for Windows 7” version on Vista – and it will probably correspond to the version of .NET you have installed.) In the installer, you only need to check: Developer Tools > Windows Development Tools > .NET Development Tools.


After changing this one flag, the app will work beautifully, assuming you have taken the necessary language setup steps.

Allah reward Ala Hazrat رضی اللہ عنہ and Hazrat Maulana Ilyas Qadiri and all of those working for Dawat-e Islami, and especially the programmers and ulama who have taken part in this effort a thousand times for every click of every user, and 100,000 times for every time someone acts on a point learned from a work prepared or question answered using this software.

I’m not really a Windows or .NET person, so if I’ve made any mistake in my explanation, forgive me and correct me.


Turkish Schools Offer Pakistan a Gentler Vision of Islam – New York Times
Sabrina Tavernise is following in the grand tradition of NYT bureau chiefs reporting on Pakistan from the comfort of their home base in anywhere-but-Pakistan. In this case she at least had someone (Sebnem Arsu) who apparently spent some time in the country send her a quote or two rather than just regurgitating what the English press had to say. In this case, both the reporting and the analysis were uniquely shabby. Read the rest of this entry »

BBC on Biswa

April 29, 2008

We could make this an annual feature – lousy reporting on the Tablighi Jama`at’s annual Bangladesh ijtima`.

The AP government is trying to spread awareness of a fatwa from Deoband condemning power theft. Read the rest of this entry »

Professor Abdus Sattar Khan Sahib quoted Bahr al-`ulum Maulana Abdul Qadeer ‘Hasrat‘ Siddiqui to the effect that Azad was a pomegranate which grew overripe and rotted, and Mawdudi a pomegranate picked too early which always remained unripe. Discuss.

Maulana Abu Bakr Hashimi

Maulana Abu Bakr Hashimi is one of those hidden jewels of scholarship, and an incredibly intense personality, from one of the most distinguished families of Hyderabad.

New Delhi: President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on Monday awarded certificates of honour to scholars of the Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, Arabic and Persian languages.

Makka Masjid Explosion

May 18, 2007,,-6643177,00.html

HYDERABAD, India (AP) – A bomb ripped through a historic mosque as Friday prayers were ending in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, killing at least five people and wounding several others, officials said. Two other unexploded bombs were found and defused by police.

Minutes after the blast, Muslims angered by what they said was a lack of police protection began chanting slogans – a situation that quickly devolved into mobs throwing stones at police, who responded with baton charges and tear gas.

The bombing and ensuing clash between worshippers and police raised fears of wider Hindu-Muslim violence in the city, which has long been plagued by communal tensions and occasional spasms of religious bloodletting.

Inna lilLah wa inna ilaih raji`un. Allah forgive those killed and wounded and give them peace and mercy and give their families and the whole city sabr-e jamil. Cure our community and our world of this disease and keep us in peace and love. Bi jah Nabiyyik al-Karim, alladhi ba`ahtah Rahmatan lil-`Alamin. `Alaih al-salat wa al-taslim.

(On any given Friday a few dozen relatives, friends, and acquaintances – not to mention quite a few of the `ulama and awliya – pray in Makka Masjid.)

UPDATE: Relatives at least seem to all be fine. Apparently there was one small bomb in the center one of the papers suggested in a water tank – maybe they mean the main hauz, maybe something else. That was intended to cause a commotion and send people running for the gates which is where the two larger bombs were, which, thankfully, failed to go off and were defused safely by the police.
Most of the online papers seem to have just the AP report. There are a few other reports but nothing particularly detail rich. There is apparently live TV coverage there – I wonder how much is on the satellite channels here. It’s a new era – back in the day people listened to the BBC to get the most accurate news whenever riots were going on. One article had the most offensive analysis I’ve read in a long time. I don’t wan to link to it, but in addition to veiled hints that all of India’s problems are caused by Pakistan it also suggested this may be the work of Naxals due to their hatred of all religion. Ugh. Leaves a creepy feeling in my stomach.
It would appear Siasat is not able to update their Urdu section as fast as the English one. I’ve noticed this on a number of news sites from India and Pakistan. They probably only have a few InPage Masters on site. Anyway, in English they are reporting 11 dead, of whom 5 died in the police shooting.

The MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi, Haroon Khan and congress president Shiv Prasad were severely beaten by angry mob out of rage and their shirts were torn off as they turned up one and half hours after the occurrence of the blast. The police could not make it as usual. People complained that there was no sign of police even after one and half hours of the occurrence of the blast.

Even the commissioner of police showed callousness. According to the eyewitnesses, the bomb was allegedly planted near the ‘Houz’ where namazis come for ablution. The most affected were those who were in the last rows, most of them were boys below age (minors). Four injured persons are admitted to Asra hospital whereas the others are admitted in Osmania General Hospital. The story is same here as per the tradition.

There is no blood and no proper medication provided to the injured people. Fed up of the situation, people are now trying to shift the injured people to other hospitals. It has also come to the knowledge that there used to be frisking done by the police but today, there was no frisking done. Why? Moreover, the ex-gratia announced by the government for the dead and the injured is meager. made a number of new improvements, which I was planning to post about. Surprised to see the comments section still empty on this.

Munsif at least has an Urdu article up – though curiously no English. What would be a good strategy to push all of these papers off of InPage and on to something indexable?

Someone I spoke to said everything was closed and there were large crowds doing narabazi all the way from Banjara Hills to Charminar, and from Afzal Ganj on the scene was just awful. But everyone is grateful that the other two bombs were defused.